COALITION (Persatuan)

Bismillahi Wabihamdihi

Assalamualaikum wr wb,


In the name of Allah, The beneficent, the merciful. Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds, and the sequel is for those who keep their duty unto Him, further, there will be no hostility except against wrongdoers.

Blessing and salutation be upon the most honorable prophet and messenger, his family all his disciples, and those who follow them in goodness till the Day of  Judgment.

It’s knowledge that people before prophet Muhammad- may Allah bless him and give him peace-delegated were separated to fight over influence each other, power function for individual and their group that set  civil war more over public are left.


Dear muslim brothers.

Coalition or harmony is one of things that is unnecessary un mistakable benefit like being said Rasulullah-may Allah bless him and give him peace-that it’s meaning is mercy of God is only for the whom are harmonious and united.

Ali Karramallahu Wajhah said “ Allah will not ever give kindness for individual servant beginning at long ago up now”.

Harmony is one of the good deeds that aims to achieve glory and nobleness. It is proven by our country existence (Indonesia) colonized country, because of coalition strength and harmony entire Indonesia people are finally becoming independent country with full sovereignty just like village people. Village can progress when the citizens is united, mutual assistance to build mosque, mushalla and school, village meeting hall, aqueduct and so on like being said by Islam people, adoration prophet that its meaning “ He appeased among his friends until they one body when part of it complains painfulness to another so all of parts of body will feel also painfulness.

Dear Muslim brothers

Ali Karramallahu Wajhah said that truth can lose without coalition’s existence and untruth can win because united. With the result that if brothers pay history of people existence why Islam people  in the past were wealthy and noble people because they truly keep together with one aim maintain Islamic religion. That becomes strength weapon that can not be defeated by whom ever

That is explain by prophet saying that actually Allah likes three things : 1. Worship to Allah and don’t ever ally Him. 2. Hold tight Allah religion and don’t be breakable. 3. Reciprocate advice. then Allah also dislike three things : 1. Gossip 2. Asking very much 3. Waste in the wealthy.

My Muslim brothers

Last but not the least, Allah said in Al Qur’an that is meaning “ And hold fast, all of you together, to the bond of Allah and do not be divided.” (QS.3:103)

I thing that all my speech in this time thank you for all.

Wallahul Muwaffiqu Walhadi Ilasabilirrasyad

Wassalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.




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